State of the Art Technology Allows You to Perform
in Larger Clinical Trials More Efficiently

Our goal is to maximize the efficiency of technology
to improve patient retention,
data collection, and trial efficiency so you can enter the next phase of development.


Trialogics believes  technology is a tool
to help you achieve your larger goal.

The Trialogics team understands the different different needs for site, sponsor, and patient workflows as they relate to different study areas. We configure your system so it helps you meet your goals faster.

Trialogics Offers…

Free eClinical
Technology Integration

We link IRT with ePRO and wearables, or other key technology. Integration helps you accelerate FDA submissions and to improve the accuracy of data and produce reliable patient safety information.

Real-Time Reporting

Visualize data with bar charts and pie charts, not just complicated spreadsheets. Real-time
advanced reporting helps you turn insights into decisions.

24/7 Local Support

Call a local support representative
at any time to help resolve technical issues and speed up your clinical trial.

On-Site Training

The Trialogics team trains clinical trial staff on the software at your trial site. When clinical teams that are more comfortable with the software, they can extract better insights from the system.

100% Data Security

Development, testing, validation, implementation, and support adheres to the FDA’s strict software regulation guidelines. Trialogics utilizes Microsoft’s Worldwide Azure data centers for backup and
disaster recovery.

Therapeutic Experience in 27 Areas & Counting

Our team has experience successfully launching clinical trial software in a number of therapeutic areas. We optimize your system to meet your study requirements.

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