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Transforming Subject Data Collection

Secure data and real-time subject insights.

Unlock the full potential of eCOA - What exactly is eCOA, and why is it a game-changer for clinical trials?

Imagine being able to dramatically increase patient data compliance and receiving real-time treatment and questionnaire reports. That’s Trialogics eCOA (Clinical Outcome Assessment) in a nutshell. By leveraging this innovative technology, you can gauge the efficiency of your clinical trial with unparalleled precision.

eCOA works hand in hand with other quantitative clinical data, allowing you to gain a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s overall experience with the treatment. eCOA can also be paired with Remote Medical Devices to capture additional data that may be needed for your trial.

Trialogics ePRO/eCOA is a secure and efficient solution to capture real-time subject data

Subject Compliance

Error-Free Informed Consent

Subject Eligibility

Faster than ever

Real-Time Alerts

Seamless integration, enhanced insights

At Trialogics, we believe in connectivity. Our eCOA solution effortlessly integrates with a range of technologies, including Trialogics eConsent, Trialogics IRT, smartphones, tablets, and various remote medical devices. This means patients, caregivers, and clinicians can easily report outcomes directly from their devices—leading to higher-quality, granular data and near real-time insights.

How your study benefits from eCOA

When it comes to collecting study data, there are several critical considerations. With eCOA, you can address these factors effortlessly, ensuring a comprehensive and well-executed trial.

These eCOA benefits include:

Data-Driven Decision Making

Use valuable real-time data collected to make choices about eligibility and compliance-related decisions and gain valuable insights into your trial.

Remote Monitoring

Gather information from the patient with real-time insight.

Tailored Trial Objectives

Design your trial objectives to take advantage of the capabilities and benefits offered by eCOA, unlocking the full potential of this innovative technology.

Uncovering Treatment Insights

Capture valuable data, shedding light on treatment tolerability and patient experiences.

Revolutionize your trials, enhance your insights, and accelerate the path to success.

Embrace the power of eCOA and unlock the future of clinical research.

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