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Reshaping Informed eConsent

Reshaping patient consent while unlocking a new paradigm.

Unleash the power of eConsent with Trialogics

Trialogics eConsent is redefining Clinical Trials with a touch of Innovation. As an intuitive, adaptable eConsent solution, it sets new benchmarks in clinical trials. Be it on-site or remote, eConsent grants patients, caregivers, and authorized representatives a streamlined avenue to peruse consent documents, upholding utmost consistency and compliance.

What are the benefits of eConsent?

Faster than ever

Faster Than Ever

Trialogics eConsent accelerates the Informed Consent process by expediting initial enrollment and offering in-trial amendments.
Error-Free Informed Consent

Error-Free Informed Consent

By embracing eConsent, the likelihood of informed consent mishaps (human error) is significantly reduced, offering greater reliability and peace of mind.
Adaptable Across Boundaries

Adaptable Across Boundaries

eConsent can effortlessly adapt to diverse languages and regulatory environments. No matter where the study takes place, participants can engage with the eConsent experience in their native tongue, bridging communication gaps easily.
A Complete Virtual Voyage

A Complete Virtual Voyage

By combining technology, comprehensive information, and intuitive design, eConsent cultivates a virtual environment that fosters participant engagement and comprehension.

Redefining the study participant experience

Trialogics brings eConsent to your clinical trial with the added integration of IRT and eCOA. This approach allows the clinical team to deploy initial informed consent and updates that can prevent subjects from proceeding without proper acknowledgement. This streamlines the process and dramatically decreases protocol deviations.

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