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Superior technology and quality data is your compass to success.

Experience seamless clinical trial success with our intuitive Interactive Response Technology (IRT).

In the world of clinical trials, time is of the essence. Yet, one of the most common challenges faced by trial resources is the inefficiency of paper-based processes or outdated IRT software. Cumbersome systems hinder patient enrollment, retention, and the overall pace of the trial, jeopardizing its success.
At Trialogics, we have revolutionized IRT/IWRS systems, empowering clinical trial sponsors and CROs with intuitive software that places patient data, comprehensive reports, and real-time insights right at their fingertips.

How technology and quality data drive success

Clinical Supply Management

  • Site Supply and Resupply
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Depot to Depot Shipping
  • Clinical Supply Quarantine
  • Site Supply Return
  • Site Supply Destruction
  • Depot Integration
  • Direct to Patient Shipping
  • Additional Services Available
Adaptable Across Boundaries

Subject Management

  • Screening
  • Screen Fail
  • Re-Screen
  • Subject Eligibility
  • Randomization
  • Early Withdrawal
  • End of Study
  • Scheduled Visits
  • Unscheduled Visits
  • Unblinding
  • End of Treatment
  • End of Study
  • Additional Services Available

So what exactly is IRT?

Interactive Response Technology, also known as 'randomization and trial supply management,' serves as the backbone of clinical trial logistics. By seamlessly managing patient and drug supply throughout the trial, IRT enables sponsors and sites to exercise control, enhance flexibility, and significantly boost efficiency. This indispensable technology empowers clinical trial operations to process data effectively, mitigate risks, and streamline trial timelines, ultimately reducing costs. For research sites, it has been a total game-changer when it comes to empowering sites to effortlessly manage critical aspects such as patient enrollment, patient randomization, and study drug supplies. With our advanced IRT technology, you can seamlessly navigate these complex tasks, ensuring a smooth and well-coordinated trial experience. As with all data, Trialogics typically integrates data with third party EDC and CTMS systems.

Designed with trial success in mind

Trialogics IRT (Interactive Response Technology) takes charge of Subject and Clinical Supply Management, seamlessly incorporating subjects into clinical trials after recruitment and eConsent. IRT is a site’s trusted companion, guiding them through each crucial stage. From screening to potential randomization, additional treatments during scheduled visits, early withdrawal, or end of treatment and end of study, IRT ensures the journey is meticulously managed. Our integration with external EDC systems also allows for seamless data transfer, ensuring smooth collaboration between Trialogics and the EDC system throughout the entire process.

These IRT benefits include:

Efficient Clinical Supply Management

Seamlessly track and manage study drug supplies, ensuring accurate inventory control, minimizing waste, and reducing delays caused by supply chain issues.

Real-Time Insights

Gain instant access to comprehensive reports, dynamic dashboards, and actionable insights, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly and optimize trial performance.

Time and Cost Savings

By simplifying complex trial logistics, our software reduces administrative burden, shortens timelines, and ultimately saves you valuable time and resources.

Regulatory Compliance

Our IRT software is designed to meet stringent regulatory requirements, providing secure and auditable data management to ensure compliance throughout the trial.

Don't let outdated systems hinder your trial's potential.

Embrace our easy-to-use IRT software and experience the transformative power of efficient data management, streamlined operations, and accelerated trial startup timelines.

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