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Revolutionizing Communication with Remote Device Management Services

The seamless way to stay connected and secure.

A clinical trial can feel like an uphill battle between the sponsors and CROs, when you're trying to liaise with sites to deploy crucial devices.

At Trialogics, we deploy remote medical devices and wearables that are linked to our secured tablets. Trialogics tablets are well-equipped with Wi-Fi and Mobile Data Plans. The result? A smooth flow of remote data directly into our reliable Trialogics database.

Just imagine a trial where each subject receives a Trialogics tablet, equipped with a connected blood pressure monitor. The tablet allows the subject to maintain their treatment compliance and monitor their blood pressure—all the while funneling the data back to our database. It’s automation at its best! And it doesn’t end there. Sites are also equipped with secure Samsung laptops, facilitating them to work across various systems and upload additional data securely.

The seamless way to stay connected and secure


All devices are Wi-Fi enabled and include mobile data plans for maximum accessibility worldwide.

Device Shipping

Mobile devices can be shipped domestically and internationally as needed.
A Complete Virtual Voyage

Remote Device Management

Training to make sure the clinical trial staff is ready to enroll without difficulty.


Lost or stolen devices can be remotely locked and erased.

Remote Device Management is the ultimate solution

Trialogics brings to your devices the formidable power of MDM, specifically using IBM MaaS and Samsung Knox. But we don't just secure your devices. Our goal is to also personalize and configure them as we deploy—guaranteeing that they're not just protected, but also tailor-made to fit your unique needs.

But what exactly can RDM do?

Power It All

Trialogics is your one-stop shop for deploying devices for subjects/patients and site users alike. Rest assured, we’ve got your back when it comes to convenience as well as security too. By employing the robust shield of Samsung Knox and IBM MaaS, we fortify each device–keeping your data secure and your mind at ease.

Update On The Go

Trialogics can seamlessly update devices, deploy new software/services or secure, “Brick”, devices out in the field. This service is available for all devices, regardless of location.

Tailored Control

RDM enables you to enforce specific security settings and compliance measures for different users, groups, or geographic locations. This ensures that each part of your organization receives the appropriate level of control and protection.

Enhance collection of patient information and increase operational efficiency

Trialogics empowers subjects and site users by arming them with state of the art technology tools, such as tablets, laptops and wearables, that enable them to effortlessly input crucial data.

Mobile deployment with global coverage

Microsoft Azure

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