Lotus Clinical Research Announces Strategic Partnership with Trialogics For Clinical Trial Software Services

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Today, Lotus Clinical Research announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Trialogics to strengthen their existing relationship and expand Lotus’ use of Trialogics’ clinical trial software offerings.

Strategically growing CRO aligns with Trialogics to expand technology offerings

NEW PROVIDENCE, N.J. and WILMINGTON, Del., June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Lotus Clinical Research announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Trialogics to strengthen their existing relationship and expand Lotus’ use of Trialogics’ clinical trial software offerings. This collaboration will build upon enhancements made to data collection methods, streamline trial processes, and strengthen the quality of data collection.

Lotus Clinical Research President, Bill Martin, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Partnering with Trialogics has allowed us to seamlessly support data collection and has enabled centralized review of interview-based questionnaires. This has helped to reduce interview bias across our trials, a critical factor in CNS studies. Additionally, Trialogics’ suite of services, including randomization and drug supply management [IRT], has optimized processes and improved the quality of our trial delivery.”

With the increased use of ePRO and more complicated randomization schemes, Lotus, as a full service CRO, needed to find a partner with a highly customizable and easily modifiable solution, to suit their client’s needs. After working with Trialogics across numerous trials and benefiting from the functionality and responsiveness of the Trialogics team, the natural progression has been to further solidify and grow the existing relationship.

Trialogics provides the flexibility to collect data via a cloud-based platform or through various mobile devices that they manage. This allows us to provide tailored solutions that support efficient and reliable data collection and sharing.

“We have been working with Lotus Clinical for several years and have developed a great relationship while delivering exceptional services. Expansion of this strategic partnership will enable us to offer additional integrated solutions to their sponsors,” said Chris Gropp, CEO, Trialogics. “As technology becomes more of a focus in clinical trials, the need for these partnerships grows.”

About Lotus Clinical Research

Lotus is a scientifically driven, full-service, consultative CRO delivering across all phases of clinical development with a legacy and focus on CNS research. Since its inception in 2001, Lotus has strategically focused the growth of its services, expertise, and regulatory knowledge to successfully partner with biopharmaceutical companies to execute clinical trials across all indications from Phase 1 through 4. Lotus is unique to other CROs in that they are owned by Emerge Holdco, LLC, which also owns Evolution Research Group, LLC (ERG), a leading clinical site organization with 20+ wholly owned clinical research sites around the US, with over 450 beds, conducting early and late phase complex trials in both healthy volunteers and highly specialized, diverse populations. The successful conduct of clinical trials at Lotus is a result of the therapeutic expertise and the superior level of talent across the medical, operational, and support functions. For more information, visit lotuscr.com.

About Trialogics – Better Systems, Faster Cures.

Trialogics is a Delaware-based clinical trial software company formed in 2015 by CEO, Christopher Gropp. Chris has over twenty years of clinical trial experience with particular expertise in clinical trial software. Trialogics supports eConsent, IRT/IWRS, eCOA/ePRO, and Remote Device Management for global clinical trials. Trialogics services can be utilized individually or as a fully integrated solution. Since its inception, Trialogics has focused on decentralization of clinical trials and the ability to capture patient data remotely has always been part of the long-term focus. Their headquarters is in Wilmington, Delaware, with offices in Rome and London (August 2023). For more information, visit trialogics.com.

Media Contact: Cassandra Witte, cwitte@ergclinical.com

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